Centenary of the Restauration of Religious Life in Burnham Abbey 1916 - 2016

18th April  2016

The Abbey of Canonesses Regular of St. Augustine was founded in Buckinghamshire in 1266.

In 1539, during Henry VIII’s reign,  an Act of Dissolution was published and signed by all the sisters present.

Among those signatories figured the name of Elizabeth Woodford. This sister wanted to continue in the religious life.

Dr. John Clement, who was tutor to all the children of (St.) Thomas More married Margaret Giggs, adopted daughter of the same Thomas More. It was with this same John Clement and family that Elizabeth Woodford went to Louvain /Leuven on the continent.

There, she entered the convent of the Canonesses of Windesheim in the same town. She was later instrumental in the foundation of the English Monastery of St. Monica in 1609 which was within walking distance from the Dutch-speaking monastery.

The present Prioress of Burnham Abbey invited four sisters of our Congregation from the Priory and one from Bruges to participate in the celebration of the centenary of the actual Anglican Community to demonstrate the link between our two congregations.